Clean Technique

The problem
Develop a brand that helps bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and the
scientific community.

Job roles: Art direction, Branding, UI design, UX design
Client:  Kevin Wong, Robert Pervere, Tymofey Wowk and Cyson Wong
Competitive analysis​​​​​​
In collaboration with the client, we worked to find different styles that were working in both the scientific community as well as the consumer cannabis community.  The client had expressed that they wanted create something that was sophisticated and premium, but scientific.
This execution was a stand out for the client in terms of look
This execution was a stand out for the client in terms of look
After reviewing some rough sketches with the client, I worked through some different executions.
Next steps​​​​​​
Clean Technique has started on its journey to combine great science into a stellar cannabis product.  They have acquired the licensing for cannabis product manufacturing and have broken ground on a new facility to continue to grow their business. I have continued  to support them on their journey by updating their website and continuing to push the look and feel on new business pieces. I'm excited to see their future growth!

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